The Times Herald reports: Reading Town chooses Moose Jaw as pilot project

By Wednesday March 2nd, 2016news

For a week in May, Moose Jaw will become the first Reading Town in Canada.

“First and foremost is the national profile that Moose Jaw has earned as a terrific host for the Saskatchewan Festival of Words,” said Joe Ralko, publicist and public co-ordinator for Reading Town. “Authors, poets, creators of the spoken word rave about the way that they’re treated in Moose Jaw by the organizers, by the community and the community itself is just the perfect size to have an event like this.”

The National Reading Campaign and the Saskatchewan Festival of Words have partnered to present the weeklong event from May 3 to 10.

“We want to weave reading into every aspect of lives of people in the community through a series of different and exciting, fun events. So it’s going to range from a poem with your pizza,” said Ralko. “We’ve got a group that we’re dealing with that is going to be putting together a poem that’s going to be stapled with every pizza box that’s delivered by a variety of franchises, we hope, in Moose Jaw that week.”

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